"Part angling memoir, part history - the kind of book you can dip into at a moment's notice, or read straight through as you would novel. You'll enjoy the warm positive tone registered by author Lyon's insights. It'll make you want to fish. It'll shape your viewpoint in ways you didn't expect. Something for everyone. Scientific angling information for those who want that. Hilarious anecdotal material you'd only get by knowing these people firsthand. It's the perfect book to be sitting on your lakefront coffee table….It's there when you want a dose of insights into New England glacial water. It captures in words -- and with great feeling -- what the big lake has to offer.

Steve Hickoff - Outdoor Columist and Writer

“To his credit, author Lyon has invested a lot of humanity in his book. The profiles of anglers will touch your heart and remind us all of one of the reasons we fish: to share solitude with people we care about. The book never lets you forget that the Lake Winnipesaukee Legend is built upon the life and times of people who loved to fish. As Lyon says "Life is not about fishing. Fishing is about life." One of the Master Anglers is a 94- year- old angler named Barbara Cotton who operates a tackle store near the lake. She is the oldest Orvis dealer in the country. In his epilogue, Lyon lets it all hang out and faces head on the question that dogs him thoughout the book, "Why do I fish?" He draws a distinction between the angler and the fisherman. And his prose here really does rise to the "level of literature," as they say. He writes: "Some measure of respect, and even of spiritual reverence, is required to become an angler as opposed to being a fisherman. If we treat the spirituality of angling lovingly, and with a certain tenderness, it will not be lost on us." Then, in a wonderful fish story, he recounts his angling epiphany: the moment when he made the transition from fisherman to angler. I won't spoil it for you. You'll share the moment with him when you read "Angling in the Smile of the Great Spirit." V. Paul Reynolds- Editor, Northwoods Sporting Journal, Maine Guide, and host of weekly radio show, “Maine Outdoors.”

"As an historian in the Lakes Region, I was impressed with the quality of this well written romance - a story not told, but experienced. Angling in the Smile of the Great Spirit is a very dynamic, inspiring, and a most entertaining adventure for the lover of fishing in Lake Winnipesaukee." Dr. Bruce Heald - Historian and Author

"Angling in the Smile of the Great Spirit by Dr. Harold Lyon is a warm, thought-provoking journey through the mystical world of "big lake" angling. "Hal" has compiled a blend of scientific facts and great tips from master anglers into a "must have" book for anyone who wants to fish Lake Winnipesaukee or any northern glacial lake." The historical accounts of Hal's childhood on Winnipesaukee evoked my own memories of fishing off the "big" rock at my grandfather's camp on Lake Winnisquam in the 1950's." Don Miller - Big Lake Fisheries Biologist, New Hampshire Fish & Game Department

“Angling in the Smile of the Great Spirit gathers entertaining accounts from a broad array of Winnipesaukee master anglers, who provide helpful tips on catching fish in the big lake. In addition it offers historically valuable perspectives on fishing practices and attitudes as they've evolved from past decades on into the 21st century.”

Jack Noon - Author and historian

"Sixty-five years of fishing this beautiful lake was the inspiration for Harold (Hal) Lyon to produce Angling in the Smile of the Great Spirit. In addition to the history of Lake Winnipesaukee, the sixth largest natural lake within the United States, 15 Master Anglers are interviewed, sharing their fishing experiences and expertise. The welcomed knowledge contained in this quintessential angling book will fascinate any reader."

Bob Harris - Outdoor Writer

"These fishing stories are about much more than fishing; they are about trivial events -- a dog that drinks beer on the fishing boat, how to keep a 50 year-old outboard motor running, proven recipes for cooking lake fish, about where the fish are and aren’t when and how and under what whether conditions. And they are about times remembered, about the human condition as expressed on the waters of New Hampshire’s greatest lake, remembered parents and old friends, and philosophies developed in the course of life itself. Along with forgivable lies, the stories contain great truths. There are moments of sadness, of remembrance, of re-creating old tales told by long-dead grandparents. Worries and concerns about children and grandchildren, and whether they too will be able to experience the good simple life of angling. And concerns about our own aging as the cycle of life continues." Dr. Vincent Giuliano - Artist and videographer

"THE bible for big lake fishing in the North East. …A must have for every serious angler's library!" Ron Comtois - New England fishing guide