ANGLING IN THE SMILE OF THE GREAT SPIRIT - SIX CENTURIES OF WISDOM FROM THE MASTER ANGLERS OF LAKE WINNI is the winner of the Best Book of the Year Award”, by the New England Outdoor Writers Association. Deep Waters Press is also the publisher of the popular DVD series entitled: A LOVE AFFAIR WITH ANGLING. Disk 1 and 2, which contains the definitive ice fishing lessons on DVD as well as featuring streamer fly tying and lake fly fishing, passing it on to other generations, and the culinary art of preparing and cooking fresh water fish.
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Welcome to Deep Waters Press 
the proud publisher of quality outdoor books... including THE ONLY DEFINITIVE BOOK ON ANGLING IN LAKE WINNIPESAUKEE -- the 6th largest natural lake in America, not connected to Canada -- a “must have” book for any serious glacial or cold water lake angler.
Angling in the Smile of the Great Spirit was named by the New England Outdoor Writers Association as “The Best Book of the Year” in 2008